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YooginX process robots build automation scenarios to fulfill the digital transformation path of enterprises and win the future

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Build Tools

No-code, cloud-natvie, web-based development environment, over 100 actions in any combination, building blocks to automate applications of varying degrees of difficulty



Rapidly deploy process robots around the world and monitor real-time operational status, from big-screen display to at-a-glance view of every log thread



Robustness thanks to global user feedback and suggestions, integrate AI to dramatically increase the depth and breadth of automation and keep up with the world


Achieve Business Goals

  • Fully controllable IT costs and quality
  • Optimal allocation of human resources
  • The perfect tool for fighting inflation
  • Get a high Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Maintain stability in an uncertain world
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YooginX never compromise on technology

Document Understanding

Document data extraction has become an indispensable part of daily operations in various industries. YooginX PowerPad provides a built-in PDF data extraction tool that quickly locates and extracts document data through full visualization, and uses machine learning to dramatically improve extraction accuracy. Using this tool, our client has improved the efficiency of their invoice management process by 95 percent.


Web Scraping

Web data crawling, transformation and mining have been widely adopted in finance, healthcare and other fields. We provide parsing for tabular elements of web pages in our browser action library, which automatically analyzes and extracts any data in web pages that are laid out in a tabular-like manner, and converts it into structured data accurately.


AI Assistant

By integrating with ChatGPT we have launched an AI assistant dedicated to the design process. Unlike the old Live chat or Knowledge-based system, it is deeply integrated with your current business and action libraries, and can accurately answer any detailed questions during the process robot design, which is equivalent to a never-tiring advanced brain by your side. Currently it can list xPaths from large html/xml text based on your prompts.


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Our Clients:

YooginX platform allows for rapid development and deployment of RPA robots without the need for specialized programming skills. This not only help us save human resources but also greatly reduces the possibility of making mistakes in the work.

Global Freight Services

YooginX document extraction tool is especially handy in the process of creating e-invoice automation tasks, where invoice information can be captured in just a few drag-and-drop steps, with a fairly high level of accuracy and little to no human intervention.

ECU Worldwide

I tried YooginX Powerpad for a few days. I found that the browser interaction action library inside is quite rich, and I can do some simple web page data crawling work without writing any back-end code, which immediately meets my emergency needs.

Web Developer