No-Code Development
Must be a programmer to design RPA? We simplify any process to just two steps: "what to do" and "how to do it". Real-time saving function, no need to worry about the accidental process loss at all. 
Cloud Native
Anytime, anywhere, with just a computer that can access the Internet, you can design and deploy RPA and take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer. 
Rich Actions
With over 20 categories and 100+ actions such as File/Folder, Excel, FTP, Email, Browser, etc., you can even find database actions, which cover most application scenarios.
One-Click Deployment
The designed process can be deployed to any authenticated client worldwide with a single click. Also, it is perfectly compatible with Windows Task Scheduler to create a smooth unattended mode.

Other Features

In-depth Extension

For developers with some programming skills, they can extend or collaborate with others to achieve more in-depth and complex processes by embedding Python and JavaScript (comming soon) code.

Remote & Virtualization

Supports automation on Remote Desktop, Citrix and VMware Desktop, solving the difficulties of traditional automation technology, thus meeting the group customers' needs for RPA intensive management.


The built-in monitoring dashboard can instantly check whether each process is running successfully or not, and the perfect error management can provide timely feedback with information and screenshots.